Lisa O’donoghue

Company Founder & CEO of Votechnik

Renowned scientist who is dedicated to conducting innovative and industrial-focused research in the field of metallurgy. She has expertise in a wide range of application areas, including alloy development, automation, biomedical, aerospace, and recycling. With six patents to her name and the founder of Votechnik, she has successfully secured approximately €6 million in funding for her research endeavors.

Her work has been published in numerous prestigious journals, including Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics, Engineers Journal, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Materials Today, and the Irish Environmental Protection Agency National Reports. Dr. O’Donoghue is a true leader in her field, and her passion for innovation is evident in all of her work.

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My mission is to change how we recycle technology (e-waste).



that changes how LCD is being recycled in an automated way.



working towards creating effective enables in circular economy.

“With the coming decarbonization and the targets we have to meet as a society and countries we really need to up the game in terms of our ability to recycle the volumes we handle and how our workers are dealing with it .”

The Big change starts with Small steps

That’s why I founded Votechnik

A company that uses science and innovation to solve global problems and accelerate the transition to a circular economy. We offer disruptive technologies in advanced materials, advanced manufacturing, automation and robotics, and the Internet of Things. Our flagship technology is ALR4000 for automated LCD/FPD recycling, and we specialize in large-scale site management and building the infrastructure needed to replicate our innovations globally. Our mission is to make a global impact and thrive in the circular economy.

Meet Votechnik

Votechnik collaborates with and is supported by the titans in the industry. Votechniks relationship with world-class German systems automation company KUKA introduces KUKA robotics to the world of recycling. Votechnik strategic partnership here offers the best of reliable heavy duty industry standard robotics to pick, lift, convey and manipulate LCD displays through the recycling and depollution process. The collaboration is breaking limits – introducing state of the art technology to the recycling world. [As impressive as its introduction to the music world]

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